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At our office we strive to provide our patients with the highest quality of orthodontic care in a comfortable and relaxing, health promoting environment. Dr. Ostreicher and his knowledgeable staff believe in a whole health oriented orthodontic practice where patients are more than just teeth.

Each patient we see is unique, and we create individualized treatment plans to attain optimal results in the shortest amount of time. We offer traditional metal braces as well as Invisalign, offering teeth straightening with easily removable aligners.

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"You did a great job! Thank you very much! :D"

Review Verified on 1/11/2016
"Love the staff off is great . Short wait great service and my teeth are as straight as can be ."

Review Verified on 12/16/2015
"Overall, I really enjoyed coming here for my treatment. Every time I came here, I felt very welcomed. I also thought the treatment for my braces came out very well. All of the people working here were very nice and polite. Overall you did very well in my eyes, and thank you for that."

Review Verified on 12/15/2015
"Everyone is wonderful,friendly,caring and well informed. Especially Bronwyn!"

Review Verified on 12/10/2015
"Throughout my time at Dr. Ostreicher's orthodontic office, I felt that I was given the best treatment available and was treated extremely well by the employees."

Review Verified on 12/9/2015
"I love this orthodontist office. They take care of my teeth and I love coming here. I am very happy about my teeth. They came out beautifully and I wouldn't want to go anywhere else."

Review Verified on 12/7/2015
"You guys were very superb and treated me very nicely. At times I was nervous about certain new things but you guys comforted me and told silly jokes. My teeth are very much better and I really liked it here, thank you."

Review Verified on 11/30/2015
"I liked it! I'm very happy with my results, the service, and the people there. There really kind and helpful. Thank You Ostreicher for my amazing straight teeth! ~Freya"

Review Verified on 11/7/2015
"Hardly any wait time tonight! Dr. Ostreicher always gentle and kind...looking forward to perfect straight teeth with invisalign! All the ladies at the front desk were attentive kind and helpful!! Thanks!! Wasn't sure of all the names! =)"

Review Verified on 11/6/2015
"I am so thankful to the orthodontists for fixing my teeth and they did a wonderful job in doing so!"

Review Verified on 11/2/2015
"I think all workers did an excellent job with getting my braces on, getting them off, and everything in between. They work nicely and do a great job. My teeth now have a nice result from all their work."

Review Verified on 10/19/2015
"This place is amazing!!! They helped me out so much and they were very polite people. They actually explained what they were going to do next which did not make me feel nervous. And I will like to thank all of them for their support."

Review Verified on 10/15/2015
"Very good. I would very likely recommend coming here to a friend. I would also recommend this to my family also. I hope to bring my children here one day also."

Review Verified on 10/14/2015
"The doctors and nurses are all very kind and attentive and made having braces and retainers a much more enjoyable experience"

Review Verified on 10/13/2015
"The staff is courteous, friendly and knowledgeable. I enjoyed the presentation by Dr. David Ostreicher he was great. Most of all the wait is less than 15 mins. We all know that most if not all your Dr. appointments are at least 1 hour or more. Very Fast. I was impressed. There also located in a convenient location. I don't remember the ladies that helped us but my wife and I were very happy with them."

Review Verified on 10/6/2015
"Great staff friendly and curteous. While in the waiting room waiting for my consult I observed all patients being seen within 15 of arriving. I forgot the name of the ladies that helped us. But they were very nice friendly and informative."

Review Verified on 9/20/2015
"They did an amazing job with my teeth. I feel incredibly confident in my new and improved smile. They took great care of my teeth and I for the past two years. I can't thank them enough for the turnout."

Review Verified on 9/16/2015
"I had my braces in for two years, and the overall experience was great, everything was prompt and I probably had a maximum waiting time of 3 minutes. Everyone performing the work did a good job, making sure I was okay at all times. This is a great place to get you're braces and everybody is friendly"

Review Verified on 9/1/2015
"This is such a great office and work environment. Everybody there seem to love what they do and really are concerned with patient care. The wait time is about 5 minutes at most (I wasn't waiting more than 2). Everybody is so friendly and have good spirits. The office location is also conveniently off of Hempstead Turnpike. This is just a great, clean, and friendly establishment. Dr David and his staff are the best. Elizabeth took my x-Rays and Diane helped me at the front desk but all the staff is excellent. Overall I am highly pleased with this office and I can't wait to go back again."

Review Verified on 8/5/2015
"They successfully turned my previous smile into a brighter, straighter smile! I am so happy with the results and I am glad I choose the right ortho!"

Review Verified on 7/21/2015
"They did a very nice job taking care of my teeth !! My teeth are very straight and the workers here are very very nice . I recommend people to go here because it's one of the best places to get your braces on and off !!"

Review Verified on 6/24/2015
"Two years later---braces off on time and NOT one appointment was more than a few minutes!!! Always a pleasure !! Highly highly revommended!!!"

Review Verified on 6/12/2015
"I had an amazing experience here! The staff is incredibly friendly and polite, I spent very little time waiting to be attended which is not common, and my teeth look great! I'm extremely happy to have come here!"

Review Verified on 6/1/2015
"Great service from the minute I walked in to the minute I stepped out. I didn't even feel like a new patient, I felt like family. They made me feel so comfortable and everyone had smiles on their face from beginning To end! They think of everything, including giving me a pen and note pad to take my own notes while speaking to Doctor. Also I felt like my daughter was in and will be in great hands during the process of getting her braces. Doctor Ostreicher was amazing in explaining my child's needs and making sure me and my daughter were both comfortable with everything before we left. Wonderful experience, I'm new in the area, and I lucked out in finding a great orthodontist with a wonderful staff!!!"

Review Verified on 5/28/2015
"I had an amazing experience here! I started with my teeth messed up and crooked. Coming here for three years was definitely worth the time and money. Every time I came here I would be greeted with a smile and it was a great experience. Now having my braces off, my teeth are straight like you would never believe. Definitely the place to come!"

Review Verified on 4/28/2015
"Today I got my braces off! I have had them on for almost three years. At first I was scared to get my braces on. But then when I met everyone at the office and I wasn't scared anymore. Everyone that works here is so nice and caring. They always took the time to ask how I was and if I needed anything. They always explained to me exactly what they were going to do before they did it. That made me feel so much better. Well now my braces are off. I cannot believe what me teeth look like it is so amazing! They are just perfect! Thank you so much Dr Ostreicher and the whole staff!"

Review Verified on 3/28/2015
"I always ask for Al when I have a visit. He's knows the history of all the problems I have with my teeth and bones and it's a pleasure to know that I don't have to repeat everything to someone else!! He is very knowledgeable in his craft and does excellent work, besides that he is one hell of a gentlemen, a great guy! I must say Dr. O is very lucky to have him in his employ!!!!!! Dr. O is a wonderful dentist and a great guy too! I would recommend him to anyone without hesitation! Everyone in your office is very nice, no complaints!! Thanx for such great care!"

Review Verified on 3/13/2015
"My experience here was very good! I was very pleased because everyone operating on my mouth was very gentle at all times."

Review Verified on 1/7/2015
"I really love this place and I recommend that people come here to get their braces!"

Review Verified on 1/6/2015
"I really liked this orthodontist. When I first got my braces on they felt really weird. It felt like something as poking my lips. Now that I got them off it feels weird again."

Review Verified on 12/23/2014
"Getting braces over here was quick, efficient, and painless. Getting them off was the same thing! Definitely better than what I thought it would be! Great place and I would recommend this to anyone thinking about getting braces."

Review Verified on 12/22/2014
"I love how quick appointments were. Time flew pretty quick and I am highly satisfied with the results of my smile. I appreciate it."

Review Verified on 12/15/2014
"I wish all the doctors I had were as amazing as these 2 doctors are. The staff are always smiling and accommodating, I have had the pleasure of Dr. Ostricher services for three children, myself and my boyfriend. We love everyone thank you for fabulous smiles ..."

Review Verified on 12/4/2014
"It's always a pleasure. At first you are taken aback when you arrive because of the number of people in the waiting room. But fear not....you will be called quickly! Staff is always very friendly and they know what they are doing. I would say this office is run like a well oiled machine!"

Review Verified on 11/20/2014
"Dr Ostreicher is consistently efficient and pleasant, energetic and calm. We always feel he is a brilliant, dedicated and caring professional. It is easy to see he hand picks the staff in his office because every member of the staff reflect the same high calliber of professionalism in each of their respective roles. It operates like a well oiled machine but with an incredibly kind and personal touch. We feel very fortunate to deal with them. I sincerely thank the entire staff for all their expert assistance."

Review Verified on 10/24/2014
"As usual, everyone makes me feel like a celebrity. The entire staff is friendly,smiley,caring and warm. I hug Laura,Jean,Daynet,Queen Bronwin,Elizabeth,Delia,etc. I feel like I am Dr Ostriecher!!!"

Review Verified on 10/16/2014
"My visits are very professional! All staff are extremely friendly and highly trained. I highly recommend both doctors. They are the best and my treatment has been outstanding! My teeth really look their best thanks to Dr. David and his staff!!!"

Review Verified on 10/12/2014
"My time here was wonderful! Everyone was so nice and very funny. They made braces, what used to be a scary concept fun and light and not as painful as most people expect."

Review Verified on 10/7/2014
"Everytime i have an office visit I marvel at the atmosphere of your office. Everyone is happy, smiling and attentive to my needs. I now just wear the plates at night and everyone still concerned about my welfare and how I am doing. I would recommend Dr. Ostreicher to anyone. I am also pleased with the outcome of my teeth. Thank you all for doing a stupendous job."

Review Verified on 10/2/2014
"So this office is really clean and the people who work here are great. I've just gotten my braces off And these guys are excellent!"

Review Verified on 9/24/2014
"Between the atmosphere of the office and the kindness of the staff, I actually enjoyed coming to the office and looked forward to every appointment. I feel the need to emphasize how kind the staff was and how they made the whole situation enjoyable for me."

Review Verified on 8/26/2014
"My teeth look great, the pain was worth it and the staff here is amazing. Sweet and funny! THANK YOU SO MUCH!"

Review Verified on 8/13/2014
Reviews 43 - 84 of 2701

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